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Supervising Social Worker

Are you inspired by helping young people get the best care? Would you love to create happy homes for carers and young people – homes where incredible futures can begin?

The role

Our Supervising Social Workers are caring people who understand the life-changing potential of a safe and supportive home life. They manage their agency’s fostering resources throughout their local area, recruiting, assessing, supervising and advising foster carers, making sure that both carers and children have the support they need to thrive.

Children and young people deserve the very best from the homes they live in, and our Supervising Social Workers play a key role in making sure they get a foster home that can change their life.

From visiting homes to keeping in touch with carers and young people, they’re an essential contact for everyone involved – they’re safeguarding champions with everyone’s best interests at heart.

What makes a great Supervising Social Worker?

We look for confident, imaginative and open-minded people who are passionate about building incredible lives for children and helping carers be the best they can be. If you’re resilient, patient and empathetic, this could be a wonderful role for you.

Our Supervising Social Workers step into a position of great responsibility, and it’s imperative that they’re comfortable in that role. Although of course, we support them every step of the way, connecting them with a world of skills and experience, and empowering them to share their own amazing skills with other members of the team.

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