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Have you worked as a Teacher or Headteacher with children or young people who have additional educational needs? Could you manage a school team and inspire people to deliver the best possible outcomes?

The role

We run amazing schools all over the UK, and our Headteachers lead the teams that make them wonderful places in which to learn and work. Committed to the highest standards of specialist education, they care about keeping everyone safe – and are always on the look-out for ways to improve.

Naturally, our schools and colleges are subject to strict regulatory standards, and our Headteachers make sure they’re met – from managing inspections and school audits, to overseeing our essential safeguarding records. They run their schools effectively and efficiently, keeping a careful eye on annual budgets and always seeking out innovative ways to grow the school’s reputation and identity.

Our Headteachers are leaders – that’s fundamental to the role. Working with their multidisciplinary teams, they build relationships and inspire passion – and in turn, they’re supported by our wider organisation.

What makes a great Headteacher?

Our Headteachers love to lead and get the very best from both colleagues and children. We look for people with a degree, who are qualified teachers with senior leadership experience, and who have already worked in a specialist school or children’s home.

Our schools and colleges are exciting, dynamic environments, full of challenges, opportunities and rewards. Our Headteachers need to be resilient, with the ability to manage situations, lend a caring hand if needs be, and to always bring the whole team with them.

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