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WPA Education Welfare Services

Education is a right. It’s one of the most powerful means by which we navigate our world. No child can afford to miss out on education, and if they do, we need to help them find their way back.

WPA Education Welfare Services supports children to make that journey, searching out the causes of non-attendance and reconnecting them with their schools. And with support for their mental health and wellbeing too, we help make sure each child’s educational potential is fulfilled.

WPA Education Welfare Services is the largest and leading provider of specialist attendance support to schools in the UK. Our aim has always been to help improve levels of attendance and outcomes for children in schools, academies and other specialist learning environments. We work on-site to support staff, students and their families in improving and sustaining good attendance.

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After years of independent success, we’ve now joined Outcomes First Group, and as part of the family, we’ve expanded our range of services even further. As well as working with schools to improve and sustain levels of pupil attendance, we also offer specialist clinical services to help care for pupils’ mental health and wellbeing – including identifying neurodiversity, adapting environments to support children with these needs, assessing cognitive and emotional challenges, and helping find ways to overcome them.

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