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There’s nothing quite like the experience of bringing learning to life in exciting new ways, and that’s what happens every single day in our schools, homes and colleges. Working in our education services opens up a world of opportunities to make an amazing difference in the lives of children, young people and adults – and your freshest, most creative ideas will help us achieve even more!

Our homes and schools are warm and welcoming, each with its own unique character and wonderful sense of belonging. Learning isn’t confined to the classroom, with many sites offering beautiful outdoor spaces and well-equipped vocational units – spaces whose potential is there to be unlocked. From farms to forests, and from salons to garages, we believe education can happen anywhere!

We have lots of roles to choose from

Teaching assistants
– Heads of department
— School receptionists
– Assistant headteachers
– Deputy headteachers
– Head of service
– Therapists
– Maintenance managers
– Housekeeping assistants
– Catering assistants

Find your dream job with OFG

Grow your career with us

Whatever kind of education role you’re looking for, your first day with us is just the start of an amazing journey. We offer lots of opportunities for growth and development, supporting you to progress in the way that suits your career best.

You might want to take on more responsibility in the school or home where you first begin working with us. Or you might choose to take an alternative career path into another of the services within our Outcomes First Group family. There are so many possibilities and so much support, you’ll love building your incredible career.

Take the example of Lauren Wright, who first worked with us as volunteer support worker. Inspired by helping young people, she became a teacher – and is now our Director of Operations!

Amazing Children’s Education

We’re leaders in specialist children’s education – people with a passion for creating fun, inspiring environments in which children can learn. Within our Outcomes First Group family, we have incredible schools all over the UK – some within our Acorn Education and Care brand, and others within Options Autism.

We put children’s needs first, so that means tailored education designed to excite young minds and capture imaginations. Many have complex special educational needs and disabilities – including autism, as well as social, emotional, mental health, behavioural and physical challenges – and our teams are experts in delivering the exciting learning they need.

“This is your opportunity to make a life-changing difference”

Incredible Adult Education

As leaders in specialist education for adults with a range of complex needs – including autism, as well as social, emotional, mental health, behavioural and physical challenges – we offer a variety of exciting career opportunities. If you have energy and passion, and you’d love to unleash your creativity by bringing learning to life for people aged 18 and above, we’d love to discover what you can do.

Our adult education services take place in colleges and residential homes across the UK – depending on your role, you might work within our Acorn Education and Care brand, or alternatively, with Options Autism. Either way, you’ll be part of the Outcomes First Group family – and that means we’re here to help your career take off!

Our education specialisms

We tailor every learning experience to the individual, encouraging the development of communication, social and life skills as well as academic achievement. Our schools and colleges work hard to reconnect young people with education and encourage them to reach their individual goals.

Autism spectrum disorder – or ASD – affects a child’s nervous system, growth and development, and it takes specialist expertise to help them overcome their challenges. Children with ASD often have problems communicating and could have trouble developing social skills. It can be difficult for them to understand and control their own emotions or interpret other people’s.

We want children with autism to be able to enjoy an incredible future, so we work hard to help them achieve more in their personal, academic and social lives. Through creative learning and careful nurturing, we help them develop their self-confidence, cope with everyday situations and manage the transition from school, to college, and into work.

We encourage children, young people and adults with social, emotional and mental health needs to succeed in every way they can – personally, academically and socially. We nurture their development to build self-esteem and help them engage positively with the world.

Children with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) can have a variety of special educational needs, often experiencing severe difficulties in managing their emotions and behaviour. We’re specialists in educating children with SEMH, taking a caring, creative approach to helping them overcome the issues they face.

They may feel scared, anxious or misunderstood, but however difficult they find their education, we’re always there for them. With our expert help, they can develop self-confidence and begin to achieve in their personal, academic and social lives – often resulting in a real transformation.

Progress your Career in Education

National Professional Qualifications (NPQ)

We are committed to investing in our people through education and recognise the importance of having highly-skilled teams to contribute to our success as an organisation. National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) are designed to support the professional development of teachers and leaders within Education. These have recently been reformed in collaboration with the sector to provide training to support teachers and school leaders at all levels in order to deliver improved outcomes for young people.

At Outcomes First Group, we run our own internal cohorts through our preferred provider Leadership Learning – Securing Excellence (LLSE). The benefit of running our own internal cohorts means that we can specialise the learning material and resources to deliver training with a SEN(D) focus.

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