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Registered Manager in Care

Have you loved working with children, young people or adults with complex needs – or as a Registered Manager in another setting? Are you confident and responsible – able to manage a multilevel residential site round the clock?

The role

Our Registered Managers are the human dynamos who power our residential sites, leading each home’s performance and managing its everyday life. They’re creative and open-minded, and devoted to attention to detail – a combination that inspires carers, support workers and people in their care to achieve more.

From managing rotas and staffing levels to taking care of interventions and risk assessments, our Registered Managers love the hands-on involvement that this role brings every day. There are budgets to be managed too, balancing the best possible care with efficiency and value – with the entire team relying on them to get it right.

What makes a great Registered Manager?

Some qualifications are essential, and previous experience is vital too, including work with young adults, experience of managing challenging behaviour, and a really good understanding of relevant legislation – things like the Children’s Act and Quality Care Standards.

Our Registered Managers don’t just demonstrate their qualifications, of course. They’re also flexible and adaptable, with a passion for making a transformational difference in people’s lives. From their independent spirit to their ability to work as part of a team, they take responsibility for their own work and for others’ too.

Kirsty Truedale – Registered Manager – The Shires

Every day is an adventure, for us and the children. Okay, so they have to be at school during the day, but why not make the rest of the time fun? One day we might be at Alton Towers, the next we might be running a theme day in the home. I give my team the autonomy to do whatever they want to make the children’s time here a good time.

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