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Speech & Language Therapist

Are you a Speech and Language Therapist who loves making a difference? Do you have experience of working with young people with challenging behaviours? Are you excited to use your skills to change lives?

The role

Our Speech and Language Therapists are incredible specialists who deliver a full range of clinical support – either at one site or across regional speech and language services. They form part of a specialist in-house team, developing creative, innovative and effective support for the young people who need them, focusing on the communication skills of those with complex needs.

At the heart of the role is hands-on work with young people – individuals who may exhibit challenging or difficult behaviours – so patience and compassion are essential. Our therapists also deliver expert advice and information, and provide training around complex communication issues – especially where it’s relevant to autism and associated conditions.

What makes a great Speech and Language Therapist?

Our Speech and Language Therapists are skilled members of a high-quality team, so great communication skills and the ability to share their knowledge are a must. These skills feed into their work with young people, with empathy and compassion helping them have a real impact on their lives.

We look for Speech and Language Therapists who are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and who are driven to help others – and that includes team colleagues as well as the young people. Kindness and an ability to care are fundamental to the role – key skills that help us make a difference and change lives

Freya Spicer White – Regional Head of Children's Wellbeing Clinical Services

Here you aren’t confined by skill set and prior experience. Clinicians with different backgrounds can be clinical leads. An aspiring newly qualified SALT, for example, could achieve the same progress as a clinical psychologist. That’s a better way of building teams.

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